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Emergency resilience pods.
An innovative solution to disaster resilience. 

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Project Resilience

Emergency preparedness and disaster resilience has become a critical concern for New Zealand communities and organisations in recent times.  The significant increase in frequency and intensity of natural disasters has highlighted the need for effective emergency response strategies.  Here at EPOD, we are proud to offer an innovative and practical solution to address such need.

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Purpose built fully customisable emergency container pods. 

Built to withstand New Zealand’s toughest conditions, our EPODs are designed to be placed in high-risk environments prone to the effects of natural disasters such as flood and landslide zones, coastal and rural areas, and earthquake regions. 


A critical lifeline to distressed communities, our EPODs are fully customised and can include the latest emergency equipment such as critical infrastructure and tools, generators, satellite devices, water filtration systems, medical kits, food stocks and other necessity supplies. 

Easily transportable and quickly deployable.

An innovative and practical resilience strategy for high-risk environments prone to the effects of natural disasters. 


Rural Areas & Landslide Zones

Isolated areas relient on self sufficiency and prone to being cut-off. 
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Flood Zones & Coastal Areas

Low-lying areas and pre-existing flood plains. 
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High-risk regions located on known fault lines.

Expertise and experience in product manufacturing and sourcing. 

As part of the Kooga family, we have access to a wealth of experience and expertise in product manufacturing and sourcing, which further enables us to offer our clients premium products and services at competitive prices. 


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Cyclone Gabrielle
Hawkes Bay & Tairāwhiti response

We are proud to share that our EPODs were utilised in the emergency response to Cyclone Gabrielle. 


In January 2023, prior to the arrival of Cyclone Gabrielle, 25 of our EPODs were successfully delivered to our client Te Whare Maire o Tapuwae Whanau Ora, all of which were deployed across the Wairoa and wider East Coast region.  Being one of the worst affected areas in New Zealand, our EPODs proved to be a critical lifeline to the region's emergency response and resilience efforts. 

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