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EPOD | Emergency and Disaster Resilience Pod Across Aotearoa New Zealand

Building Resilient Communities, Together

Thank you for expressing an interest to find out more about EPOD, and how we’re on a mission to redefine emergency preparedness and disaster resilience across Aotearoa, New Zealand.  


Who We Are

EPOD is a homegrown Hawke’s Bay-Tairāwhiti innovation that was born amidst the challenges faced by our region in recent years. Fueled by a deep-seated need for change, EPOD stands for something new – strength in resilience. First established in 2022, we have now successfully deployed over 26 EPODs across New Zealand – and counting.

Innovative Emergency Pod for Disaster Resilience in New Zealand
EPOD | Emergency and Disaster Resilience Solution Pod in New Zealand


Strength in Resilience

Our mission is to revolutionise emergency preparedness and disaster resilience across New Zealand through the creation of our innovative and pragmatic modular solutions to ensure that our communities have a dependable resource during natural disasters, emergencies, and climate change events. Our comprehensive end-to-end resilience solutions are specifically designed to address each community’s unique risk profile and geographical circumstances to ensure they are better equipped, better prepared, and better protected against the catastrophic impacts of natural disasters and climate change events.

We are deeply committed to redefine the current landscape and create a nationwide culture of resilience, where every community has the resources, knowledge, and confidence to stand strong in the face of adversity.


Be Prepared, Be Resilient

We are ambitious, and our vision is nothing short of a nationwide transformation, where every New Zealand community is empowered and fortified by the resilience of our EPOD system. We strongly believe that our forward-thinking and innovative approach will transcend traditional boundaries and help reshape emergency readiness and resilience for Aotearoa and beyond.


We are passionate about pioneering a revolutionary system, where EPOD becomes synonymous with effective emergency preparedness and disaster resilience in our communities. We see a future where EPOD serves as the backbone of a nationwide network, signifying a beacon of national resilience, and uniting our communities in their collective endeavours for safety and preparedness.

EPOD | Innovative Emergency Pod and Natural Disaster Solution in New Zealand
EPOD | Safety Solution Pod for Emergencty and Disaster Resilience in New Zealand


Your Trusted Resilience Partner

We operate on a customer-centric model, where we focus on providing a range of tailored and customisable solutions to precisely address the different needs and priorities of our customers – allowing us to consistently deliver truly impactful and valuable products for our communities. We are fortunate to partner with many forward-thinking clients and always seek to understand and align with their strategic readiness and resilience objectives.

Some of Our Customers Include:


It’s now time for change.

We now live in an ever-changing and unpredictable world where the need for effective readiness and resilience strategies has never been more critical.  New Zealand, with its unique geographical challenges, requires a proactive and innovative approach to ensure the continued safety and security of our communities.  It’s now time for change.  

Emergency Pod and Safety Solution for Disaster Resilience in New Zealand


Exposing our vulnerabilities

New Zealand is grappling with a threefold crisis.

Our communities continue to grapple with a threefold crisis, intensifying their vulnerabilities, and leaving them vulnerable to the catastrophic impacts of future natural disasters, emergencies, and climate change events.


Significant & widespread under-preparedness

Despite living in environments prone to frequent and intense disaster events, there is a concerning lack of readiness at both individual and community levels. Many communities are unversed in emergency protocols and lack the necessary resources and infrastructure to withstand and recover from significant events.


Escalating frequency & severity of disaster events

The very landscape that defines Aotearoa’s beauty also exposes us to heightened risks. From our more frequent climate events to our unpredictable seismic activity, the relentless onslaught of disaster events is stretching the limits of our traditional emergency response mechanisms.


An approach that needs innovating

Our existing mechanisms, while well-intentioned, are often hampered by a lack of resources and personnel, hindering effective coordination and the timely deployment of resources and aid to our communities. Our current mechanism often leaves our communities under-resourced and without a unified, swift and community-centric response.

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Let's Work Together

Get in touch today to discover how EPOD can become an integral part of your community’s readiness and resilience strategy. We’re here to help you! Whether it be answering any of your questions, understanding your unique needs and priorities, or tailoring our solutions to achieve your objectives.

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